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We’re proud to support Crypto ISAC: Building a more secure blockchain ecosystem

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Crypto ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center), and proud to share Bastion’s involvement as a supporting member. Crypto ISAC is a nonprofit collective dedicated to enhancing security in the blockchain industry, fostering trust and adoption at scale, and driving collaboration amongst players across the industry — and includes organizations like Circle, Coinbase, Fireblocks, Kraken, The Solana Foundation, and more.

Our membership in Crypto ISAC is an extension of our own philosophy at Bastion. Since day one, we've been building compliant infrastructure, where enterprises and businesses of all sizes can take advantage of our regulated wallet APIs, Smart Transaction Routing, and comprehensive user analytics, all to make moving money more seamless and secure.

One reason we’ve built regulation-first this way from the start is because of the deep security experience our co-founders bring to the table — and their experience aligns with Crypto ISACs vision of greater trust and transparency. At a16z, where our co-founder Nassim Eddequiouaq served as the CISO and co-founder Riyaz Faizullabhoy served as CTO, they drove industry-leading security and innovation measures. Prior to that, at Meta and Anchorage Digital, they advanced trusted crypto solutions and safe technology adoption, helping establish them as leaders in the space.

In other words, our co-founders have been all-in on the hardest challenges and most-needed solutions in blockchain. This has informed their vision not just for Bastion, but for the ecosystem as a whole — and that’s why Crypto ISAC is a natural fit for Bastion: We deeply believe in more trustworthy web3 experiences and technology, investing in compliance, and seeing regulators and policymakers as partners in building a sustainable future. The launch of Crypto ISAC is an important step forward for the industry toward realizing this.

We’re also particularly excited to see Crypto ISAC’s efforts to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors, working collaboratively with regulators, policymakers, and law enforcement. We know that this cooperation is crucial for the long-term success of the blockchain industry.

Today’s launch is just the beginning. We can’t wait to share more of Crypto ISAC’s progress and continue working together with leaders in the space to keep businesses and users safe. To learn more about all that Crypto ISAC has planned, including their mission and goals, visit their site or give them a follow.