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Advancing the ways we pay, play, connect, and shop. Bastion combines the best of web2 and web3 to expand possibilities for businesses and their customers.

Way more immersive 
Way more immersive 
Launch never-before-seen web3 experiences that exceed your users' expectations
Way more scalable
Way more scalable
Deliver cost-efficient transactions at web2 speeds and unlock new areas of growth      
Way more insightful
Way more insightful
Discover more about your users with holistic analytics combining on-chain and off-chain activity

The Bastion Platform
Bridging traditional enterprise with the power of web3.

Custodial Blockchain Wallet API
Streamline digital asset management and interactions at scale.

Bastion's white-label custodial wallets integrate seamlessly and securely with your current workflows, enhancing user experiences, and enabling advanced functionality such as subscriptions, loyalty programs, and immersive gaming experiences.
Smart Transaction Routing System
Optimize every transaction for efficiency and cost.

Bastion’s system intelligently determines when to leverage the blockchain and when not to, ensuring rapid, cost-effective interactions without compromising your user experience.
User Analytics & Insights Platform
Unlock deeper insights into user behavior.

Bastion captures comprehensive data from both on-chain and off-chain activities, providing your enterprise with actionable recommendations and a holistic view of your users. 
Custodial Blockchain Wallet API

We’re making the promise of web3 an uncomplicated reality for businesses and their customers.

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We’re making the promise of web3 an uncomplicated reality for businesses and their customers.

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