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Bastion Co-Founds the Blockchain Security Standards Council
Bastion co-founds the Blockchain Security Standards Council, uniting industry leaders to establish uniform security measures, address vulnerabilities, and foster innovation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We are thrilled to announce Bastion's role as a founding member of the Blockchain Security Standards Council (BSSC). This nonprofit organization aims to establish uniform security standards across the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, marking a significant step towards a more secure and trustworthy digital asset ecosystem.

The BSSC brings together industry leaders including Bastion, Coinbase, Fireblocks, Figment, Kraken Digital Asset Exchange, Anchorage, Ribbit Capital, Sentinel Global, Halborn, and OpenZeppelin. This coalition of experts will collaborate to address the evolving landscape of security challenges in the blockchain space.

By fostering collaboration among key industry players, the BSSC will tackle critical issues such as smart contract vulnerabilities, cybersecurity threats, and regulatory compliance. Our collective goal is to develop a comprehensive set of security benchmarks and a rigorous audit process by the end of 2024, setting a new standard for the entire industry.

"Security standards and best practices will play a key role in bolstering trust and safety in the blockchain industry." said Riyaz Faizullabhoy, Co-founder at Bastion. "We’re eager at Bastion to collaborate with other industry players in the BSSC to make the blockchain ecosystem safer,"

The BSSC's objectives extend beyond setting standards. We aim to engage with regulators and policymakers, serving as a bridge between the blockchain industry and the regulatory landscape. This will ensure robust security measures are developed while fostering an environment that encourages innovation and consumer protection.

Bastion's participation aligns with our commitment to secure, scalable blockchain infrastructure solutions. As a regulated wallet API solution for enterprises, we understand the critical importance of security in blockchain technology.

Our involvement complements our efforts to enhance blockchain security and compliance, building on our track record of innovative solutions that adhere to the highest standards while enabling business growth and innovation.

Together with our BSSC partners, we look forward to contributing our expertise in wallet infrastructure, compliance, and regulatory navigation. We will work towards creating a more secure, transparent, and trusted blockchain ecosystem to support the next wave of digital innovation.

To learn more: https://www.blockchainssc.org/post/blockchainssc-launch

Stay tuned for updates as we progress in our mission to elevate blockchain security standards across the industry. Security will shape the future of blockchain, and Bastion is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative initiative.